Our Mobile Honey Harvester is a Finalist at the NZ Innovators Awards!

Four simple steps

Step 1

Harvest your honey using the Mobile Honey Harvester and pails.

Step 2

Contact our friendly team to arrange collection.

Step 3

We collect your unprocessed honey right from your doorstep at our expense.

Step 4

Receive your payment. We take care of the rest!



Would you like to profit from your hobby? We provide the easiest, most hassle-free service enabling you to harvest and sell your honey. Low volumes accepted.


Do you want to eliminate harvesting scheduling constraints, reduce disease risks and gain access to a guaranteed market? We provide the easiest MPI approved hassle-free service. Price premium for high grade honey.


Would you like to become a profitable honey producer? Our system requires less investment, eliminates most of the physical effort and hassles involved in traditional beekeeping. We offer guidance and support.


Environmentally Friendly

The Mobile Honey harvester is a manually operated device - bee blowers and generators are not required. Harvesting can now take place in remote and otherwise inaccessible sites.


No more transporting or lifting heavy honey boxes. Our system uses patented on-site harvesting technology. This eliminates the difficult removal and transportation of honey boxes.

Cheaper Capital Outlay

You have the option to operate with two boxes (1 brood and 1 honey) reducing your capital outlay and storage requirements. The single honey box can be harvested multiple times.

Less Disease

The honey frames are cleaned free from old comb buildup, eliminating chemical contaminants and disease spores. Honey boxes dont need to leave the site, reducing the risk of cross contamination.

Self Reliant

Harvesting takes place when you are ready. There is no booking in or waiting in line. This allows you to fit in harvesting around other life commitments.

Sealed Pails

Unprocessed honey is transported in sealed food grade pails. This ensures the product is not exposed to any contaminants.

Select Frame Harvesting

Capture and bank that early honey. No need to wait for a full box of honey. Hand pick high quality honey frames.

Guidance and Support

For beginner beekeepers we provide guidance and support along with promoting healthy and sustainable beekeeping practices.